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      We were honestly sick and tired of all the unfair realities of the traditional real estate brokerage. Agents are required to forego 40% – 50% of their hard earned money over to their sponsoring broker and work the required floor time, all the while being held back from fulfilling their true potential, all just for the privilege of being licensed. 

       Meet Stem. A new generation of Real Estate Brokerage. 

       At Stem, the broker works for the agent, not vice versa. We created a platform which makes it possible for an agent to meet their goals faster and be on the road to success in no time. We believe that agents deserve to earn ALL of their hard earned money and have actual independence to achieve their goals. Through Stem’s 100% commission structure, Agents are now able to keep every dollar that they earn, without forking over half of it to the broker. Agents also have actual independence, being their own boss, making their own rules, and running on their own schedule. All the while streamlining the process with our cutting edge, interactive virtual office, providing you with all your real estate needs.  

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